Nixie Tube Clock

Nixie Tube Clock

I am satisfied to report that now you can purchase our retro Nixie tube times at our online shop. Prior we've been offering our tickers just through Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon shops just, which implies that we needed to pay additional expense per thing. Purchasing at this online shops enables you to spare some cash, and get this Vault Nixie tube clock for $270 per thing, rather than $285.

Nixie Tube Clocks

You can pick the shading you like: lite-tone wood, or red wood. Every one of the fenced in areas are made of birch, and can be cleaned with the Finnish oil (green item) by your demand. It takes us more than 30 hours to make one thing, for more subtle elements, please read about us.

Nixie tube clock fenced in area

The timekeepers are completely hand-created. We've made this retro Nixie tube tickers propelled by Vault-kid and Fall Out world. The tickers have 6 methods of Nixie tubes' shine. The life span of the Nixie tubes is up to 200 000 hrs. o drag out your tubes' life span, we recommend you to abstain from utilizing the brightest mode constantly. We've additionally modified your timekeepers with the tube security mode, that runs at regular intervals, and anticipate Nixie tube cathodes' harming.

Nixie tubes

Timekeepers likewise have blue lightning modes (6 modes, including turn-off mode). You may pick 12-hours-time showing, or 24-hours-time-showing. For Thailand inhabitants: we, sadly, don't have a 6-hours mode yet, however we are interested in recommendations

Measurements: 235 x 100 x 105 mm estimate. Weight: 0.8 Kg. Power: 12V/1.5A,

connector included. Don't hesitate to pose any inquiries about Vault Nixie tube tickers, we are upbeat to jabber about it for a considerable length of time!

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